Muay Thai Training

Teaching You To Defend and Stay Healthy


Neo Level is for our beginners. Where we introduce Muay Thai Fundamentals. Proper technique of punching, kicking, elbows, and knee strikes.


The Elite Level we dig deeper towards clinching techniques, and advanced muay thai techniques. We focus on speed and power of optimum performance.


At the Max Level, you spar with a professional fighter for those who are preparing for competition and want to take Self Defense Training to the next level! We also focus on advanced exercises to condition body for the real world.

Training the Best Way

Muay Thai (Art Of 8 Limbs) The ancient art of Thailand has been used for centuries in defending the motherland of Thailand. It has blossomed in the early 1900’s into a ring sport, which is popular amongst many people worldwide! With the rise of MMA many fighters chose to train Muay Thai as their primary striking art. It has been battle proven for centuries and the training involved will get you into the best shape of your life all whilst having fun! If you’re looking for fitness/ defense training or you’d like to compete Rachanon Boxing is sure to deliver victory!

We teach the fundamentals to more advanced levels of Muay Thai Boxing.

– Juned Hamid. Muay Tha Professional Boxer

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